Saturday, December 9, 2017


Soooooooooo I've been DYING to post this pic since last night buuuuuuuuuut had to WAIT till THE SURPRISE TOOK PLACE!!!! 
Joe and Anali's baby!!! 
They came in last night at about 2 am...which is technically THIS MORNING!!! They're here to surprise Stultz for his college graduation on Monday!!! This has been VERY HARD for me to keep a secret, buuuuuuuuuuut I DID!!! 
Here we all are at Kneaders for breakfast, waiting for Stultz to get there, we all got there about five minutes early, and we KNEW Stulz runs about 5 minutes behind so we were SAFE!!! 
 BUDDIES!!! *let me wipe a tear...bahahaha
 Anali telling him she came even tho her name wasn't on the invite..LOL!!!!
 The guys chowing their, $5.99 ALL YOU CAN EAT French toast!!! 
 Enjoying fellowship!!! 

♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, December 8, 2017


Heeeeeeeeeeeyyyy everyone!!! I just wanted to apologize to you all for the lack of blogging this week and to ALSO apologize in advance for NEXT WEEK!!! I am soooooooooo SLAMMED you guys!!! Its just a busy, busy, busy time right now and basically will be through Christmas, buuuuuuuuuut I am going to try superrrr hard to get some stuff up prescheduled or even old posts up!!! XOXO!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

More blessed to give!!!

So this past Wednesday night I decided to do Christmas gifts with my class at church due to the fact that we have stuff going on til Christmas and may not get to it again until AFTER Christmas which ended up being the case last year!!! 
Sooooooooo before they opened their presents, I did a little lesson about it being, MORE BLESSED to give that to receive! First I had all the kids say ONE THING that they REALLY wanted for Christmas! Of course this was REALLy easy for them to come up with, then I had them all try to think of ONE REALLY NICE THING that they wanted to give to someone that year, and LO AND BEHOLD this was A LOT harder for them to come up with!!! LOL
Weeeeeeelllll anyway, you NEVER know what all the kids take from your lessons right??? So this past Sunday, I was talking to Sam and Janelle, my friends and parent's to one of my students, MaKensie, and we got on the subject of Christmas presents and they were like, OH we have to tell you this story about Kensie, what she got from your lesson on Wenedsday night.
Bro. Sam said that she has REALLY been wanting to get a puppy, REALLY BAD and that's ALL she has been asking for, for Christmas. He said after thinking about it they were like, ok they already have one dog, Bronco, its just not going to work out this year. So they had told her you know Kensie it's just not going work out this year, etc...
Come later that week, after Wednesday night, Sam said that Kensie came to him and was like, You know dad, let me tell you something about what we learned in class Wednesday night! We learned that it is MORE BLESSED to GIVE than to receive. I was like, AWWWWWWWWW!!! She got it!!! She got my lesson...I'm having a TOTAL PROUD TEACHER MOMENT!!! Sam just laughs...
Then he continues the story, He says that Kensie says, So I was thinking about OLD BRONCO out there in the back yard, ALL BY HIMSELF, and I was thinking, WE SHOULD GIVE HIM A PUPPY FOR CHRISTMAS so he has someone to play with!!!! 
I was like, WOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!! They said they were laughing so hard about it!!! I was laughing when they told me!!! I have to say, that was SOME PRETTY SMART THINKING KENSIE!!! Actually, come to think about it, I do remember her saying after class that she thought she REALLY wanted to get something for her dog this year, cuz she NEVER had before!!! BAHAHAAAAA!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Monday, December 4, 2017


Sooooooo a few weeks ago I wore a hat to church, several people were telling me they liked and how they liked my hair and all that jazz...I was like,
THANK YOU...buuuuuuuuuuut...
It really looked quite bad without that hat!!! Like a turkey losing its feathers!!! AHAHAHA!!! I thought it was quite ironic that WITH THE HAT everything looked all classy and perfecto, buuuuut take that hat off and was A MESS!!! My hat COVERED all those imperfections.
Annnnnnd that got me to thinking about how GOD COVERS US!!! On our own we are so imperfect! Without God we are a mess, BUT if we will let Him, God in His great love will take us in and COVER US! All our mistakes and insecurities are covered in his love! You don't have to go around this week looking like a balding turkey, GOD'S GOT YOU COVERED!!!! 
"He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler."
(Psalm 91:4)
Happy Monday and have a great week!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Happy Sunday!!!

Family Circus
" I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord." (Psalm 122:1) Annnnnnnd remember JESUS IS THE REASON!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Single Saturday!!!

rebel circus quotes - Google Search
Amen annnnnnnnnnnnnd AMEN!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Perfect timing!!!!

Soooooo we had the Daughrtey's at our church last month and for one of the times he was preaching, he was talking about God blessing Abraham and stuff and he got to the part...
"Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee:" (Genesis 12:1)
"And I will make of thee a great nation..."annnd at that very moment one of the kids let out this HUUUUUUUGE SNEEZE...
And Bro. Daughrty was like...  And I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing... was like, SUCH PERFECT TIMING!!! I was just like, WOW!!! I'm not to sure if anyone else noticed it buuuuuuuut I was pretty impressed!!! AHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bible QUESTION?!?!

Sooooooooo I was thinking about this other day, liiiiiike WHILE listening to the Bible, THE MOST RANDOM MARY THOUGHT EVERRRRR went through my mind...

Did older woman ever go for YOUNGER MEN!!! NO REALLY YOU GUYS, DID THEY??? I mean think about it, the Bible is rather clear that Boaz and other men were quite a bit older than their wives, buuuuuuut are there any cases where a younger man marries an older woman???
NOW I've had some debate about this, liiiike, NO that probably NEVERRRR happened because CULTURALLY speaking, woman NEVER "Went for men" back then!!! BUuuuuut after thinking about it, I beg to differ, RUTH...She SOOOO WENT FOR BOAZ!!! Also, she may have STILL been beautiful at 200, I mean, wasn't that king checking out Sarah when she was in her 90's??? 
ANNNNNNNNNNND FURTHER MORE, if there was, WHAT WAS THE AGE DIFFERENCE??? I mean, THINK ABOUT IT, people were living to be like, 700 years old back in the day!!! Was there EVERRRRR a case of a woman marrying a man 100 years YOUNGER than herself?!?! Duuuuuuuuuude...that would be sooooooooooooo COOOOOOL if there was!!! You know like, she was 200 and he was 100???  THAT WOULD BE SOOOOOO AWESOME!!! 
Like seriously, I wanna meet that chick when I get to heaven!!!! My mom's probably telling her right now, with her NYC accent, MY DAUGHTER SOOOO NEEDS TO MEET YOU!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
Soooo for now I sit here and ponder this thought along with the many other important questions that no one seems to have a true answer for me, liiiiiike, WAS JESUS GOOD LOOKING? IS IT WEIRD FOR A MAN TO THINK OF HIMSELF AS, "THE BRIDE OF CHRIST???" HOW LONG DID ADAM LIVE BEFORE GOD CREATED EVE??? (It had to be LONG enough for him to realize that he was THE ONLY creature without an helpmeet) When exactly did it become WEIRD to marry a sibling??? (THANK GOD IT DID THO!!!) Were the fish raw or cooked that Jesus fed to the multitude? Why do boiled eggs smell, BUT NOT SCRAMBLED EGGS??? What exactly IS, "THE WHEEL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WHEEL???"  Annnnd on and On and on my list goes, I'm gonna have A LOT of asking when I get to heaven...A LOT!!! BAHAHAAHAAAA!!!

♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ginty Thanksgiving 2017!!!

Weeeeeelllll Thanksgiving Day 2017 was ANOTHER AMAZINGLY AWESOME-FUNNNNN DAY!!!! It started off, as I previously told you all HERE, with the Fountain Hills Turkey Trot.
Then I went on a lil hike, my favorite go to place is at the end of 32nd street...
This year, I'm very excited about my two pies I made!!! I made a Pumpkin Pie...FROM SCRATCH...Like, I baked the pumpkins and scraped them out and EVERYTHING...the only thing that would have made this pie MORE home made was if I had grown the pumpkins and grounded my own spices!!! LOL It turned out GREAT, the only disappointment was my crust, I was trying something different than just boring O crust and made a pretzel-pecan crust, but I was NOT pleased with the results of that, I think I'll try a graham cracker crust next time!!! 
I also made a pie I had seen in Southern Living magazine called, "Over-the-moon-chocolate pie!" Its a someone what complicated and VERY rich pie, with four layers to it. First Graham crust, then marshmallow layer, then this rich chocolate concoction, then this amazing marshmallow merguine, it was soooooooooo GOOOOOOOD  you guys!!! And my official taste rater gave me a 9.5 out of 10...that's REALLY HIGH you guys!!! I will FOR SURE be adding this recipe to my vault!!! 
Next the kids did a Turkey piñata that Aunt Theresa got for them all!!! 
Could we just take a second for a moment of silence for my Thanksgiving dinner outfit...I mean...I really LOOOOOOVED IT!!! My nephew was like, buuuuut Aunt Mary, I don't see Thanksgiving in YOUR HAIR!!! I was like, Ummmm...I ONLY have a whole entire FALL GARDEN ON IT!!! I mean, REALLY WE WANT MORE??? Buuuuuuuut I guess he was looking for a TURKEY, LOL!!! 
Then it was chow time!!! Of course we did our annual tradition of going around the table and saying what we're thankful for!!!!
ALL THAT FOOD, annnnnnd this is Odie's plate...NO TURKEY FOR THIS KID,  feasting on PRINGLES!!! 
Then we cleaned up and the kids did a GINGERBREAD turkey together!!! 
Then we all play FIBBERS together, which seems to be our official family game...
Annnnnnd of course I am very, very, VERY THANKFUL to be AUNT MARY!!!
Annnnnnnd I'm very thankful as well for my WHOLE FAMILY!!! One of my mom's final words to us all before she died, aside from first and for most loving God, was that we stay a family and that we love and be kind to each other, and for the most part, (OK WE'RE STILL HUMAN;) we've done that! Despite our differences, We're still a family and we still spend our holidays together!!! XOXO
To be honest with you all, my afternoon hyperness of running, hiking and coffee wore off and I was NOT in the mood for shopping...buuuut I still went, hee, hee!!! Check out my sweat shirt ACTUALLY LIGHTS UP...HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!
All in all, it was a GREAT DAY!!! Wait till you all see my PIZZA PARTY OUTFIT COMING UP SOOOOON!!!
#Cuteclothes #festive #Non-teacherMissFrizzleofPentecost

♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Remember with me LAST YEAR'S Thanksgiving and Turkey Trot HERE!!!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Happy Monday!!!

 HAHA This is soooooo TRUE!!!! 
Hat visor, sunglasses, YET he's STILL using his own hand!!! 

How often in life do we try and do things ourselves?!?! We dont have to try and do it alone this week, God has given us EVERYTHING we need to make it!!! Pray, read your Bible ANNNNNNND GO TO CHURCH!!!! Have a blessed week!!!!
I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.
(Psalm 121:1-2)
♥Mary Frances :)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thankful FOR...

I just wanna say that i'm thankful for all the EXTRAS in life...the things that DON'T really matter...YET THEY DO!!! THE FUN STUFF!!!
Kitchen Aides!!! 
 Coffe with coffeeeee flavored BOBa
 Salted Caramel Canoli cake from AJ'S!!!
 Did I mention CUTE CLOTHES???
 Annnnnnnnnnnnd FLOWERS FOR MY HAIR???
 Annnnnnnnnnnd MOUNTAINS!!!! 
Thank God I don't live in a FLAT STATE!!! 
 Cranberry Bliss bars!!! 
Not be shallow or anything buuuuut...CUTE CLOTHES!!! ;)
 Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!!
 Sequined Converse!!! (Heart eyes!!!)😍
 Yummy food!!! 
(I almost forgot!;)
AHAHAHAHAHA!! Buuuuuuuuut REALLY, it would have been enough IF God had just provided me with all the things I need!!! He could have just given me bread and water, the boring O GYM and plain clothes and that would have been ENOUGH, He gave me ALL THE THINGS I NEED in such a fun and exciting way, I APPREIATE THAT!!! like the song goes, It would have been enough if he brought life, it would have been enough if he brought joy, it would have been enough if he brought peace, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut HE PUT LAUGHTER INTO MY SOUL!!!! 
"O give thanks unto the Lord;
for he is good..."(Psalm 136:1)
♥Mary Frances :)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Turkey Trot 2017!!!

 I did it you guys, I RAN (Ran/jogged/power-walked) MY FIRST RACE!!!
I didn't come ANYWHERE close to winning...

 In fact, I would VERY HUMBLY like to give myself that award...bahahahaaaa!!!I did it up right!!! My #thankful in gold glitter shirt, with my black sequin skirt, that my sis-in-love so kindly cut and hemmed for me so I could wear it in MY FIRST RACE, annnnnd my Hobby Lobby turkey headband!!! People LOOOOOVED IT!!! As soon as I walked in someone that worked there came over and asked if they could take my pic for the website! I was like, SUUUUUUUUUURE!!! LOL!!! 
Our WHOLE GROUP of trotters...Next year we expect some of the LPC MEN to join us...COME ON PASTOR...I see you running the aisles... YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Whoop, Whoop!!! 

Odie did GREAT and he LOOOOOVED the turkey!!!
Especially when he got down and talked to him!!!

 Happy Birthday JUDAH!!! Sweet 13!!!
 Getting ready to run...

 More than halfway done!!! 

 And when I got to the HOME STRETCH, I heard my peeps cheering for me!
 Annnnnnnnd FINISHED!!! 

Then we all went and chowed at DJ's bagels because they have THE BEST everrrr...even better than Chompies BAGELS!!! NYC APPROVED BAGELS!!!! Nom, nom, nom!!! Ooooh annnnnd I got THE BEST ICED COFFEE EVERRRR THERE...The Hawaiian Beach latte...YUMMMM!!!
 What, what, WHAAAAAAAAAAT????
YES, Annnnnnnnnnd then I went hiking, IF ONLY cuz I had NOTHING else to do...annnnnd cuz I've ALWAYS wanted to go hiking in a sequin skirt!!! AHAHAHA!!!! Now I'm just finishishing up baking my pies and I've had 3 iced coffees and am SOOOOOOOOOOOO HYPERRRRR!!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Wait till you guys see my BLACK FRIDAY OUTFIT!!! Once dinner is's OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS and the sis and kiddos HIT THE STORES!!! Whoop, whoop!!!