Friday, June 23, 2017

May 2017 Weight Loss Update!!!

Soooooooooo in May, I joined JABZ, Fitness boxing for woman...YES...BOXINING and I loooooove it!!! It's NOT like what  you think, it's more like, used as a form of exercise
YES, I accessorize WHEN I excercisee...hee, hee!!!

I did manage to get in a few more GOOD hiking sessions!!!

Dave's killer bread/ guys should try them!!!

I also tried Orange Theory Fitness which I really enjoyed, buuuuuuuuuut, it was too expensive to do both and since Jabz is all woman, I decided to just stick with that for now...
 buuuuut Orange Theory is definitely a very cool workout too!!!
Basically you wear a heart monitor and you want to go into the Orange (Fat burning) zone while you work out! What I liked about it is cuz your name is on a screen and you can see if your in that zone and if your not it pushes you to do more until you are!!!

definitlySooooooooo basically for the month of May I lost INCHES but no actual weight...which can be a bummer until you start trying on clothes...Hee, hee!!!

Basically there are sooooo many other things I want to try!!! I want to get a bike, I want to try Zumba, Pilates and cross body fitness and I want to take a volley ball class, and weight training class its so much fun being able to this stuff!!! I just need MORE MONEY AND MORE TIME...HEE, HEE!!! Weeeeeeeelllllll that was MAY...I'll let  you know soon what all goes for June!!!
♥Mary Frances :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ginty Christmas 2016!!!

 Soooooooooo its a little late buuuuuuuuuuuut this is ALL my Christmas Celebrations this was all a BLAST!!! LOL

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

May 2017!!!

May has come and gone...I'm trying to catch up on stuff...sorry guys for the lack of blogging here lately, I PROMISE you all that I will NOT be one of those that just DROP OFF THE FACE OF THE BLOG EARTH...I'm a BLOGGER FOR LIFE!!! :))))
This was my laugh of the month...
I'm currently CPR certified AGAIN!!!
And the choke thing too...LOL
Hanging out with the friends...

After PARTY after our youth rally...
Devi's in town!!! OR WAS!!!
Bro. Andrew Foster preaching our youth rally!!!

Meeting up with my friend for breakfast at Sugar Jamz bake shop!!!
Mother's Day at the retirement home!!!
Mother's Day!!!

Cheesecake picnic at the park for my sis for her Mother's day...

Windy day hiking!!!

Dinner with my awesome friend Miriam!!!
Awards Ceremony at MJ's school and her 8th grade graduation parthy!!!

ANNNNNNNNND the Little MAN OF MY HEART...King Ray-Ray!!!
A really cute pillow that you can write on...guesss what I wrote...LOL
Gotta go try them PBJ cookies from Dutch Brother's!!!

The newest member of our church, Londyn Cleveland!!!
Shay Sartin gave a BEAUTIFUL speech at the awards proud of her!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd that is the end of another AMAAAAAAZING month!!!

♥Mary Frances :)